Easter Musings

While I write this blog, the festival of Easter is just four days away. Anticipation gives way to distress due to the lockdown. Apprehensive about how preparations are going to be done, I console myself and decide to make do with whatever I can to bring on this festival of spring.

Easter as we know, celebrates Jesus Christ’s Resurrection preceded by the Paschal Triduum- 3 days that begin with the evening of Maundy Thursday and end with the Easter Vigil. Celebrations follow on Easter Sunday morning.

The festival this year is going to be an Easter without going to church. The pandemic has laid an egg on our services. We have to make do with online Liturgical Services. This Lenten season has given us faith to tide over the crisis, hope for a better tomorrow and new life to embrace and celebrate.

I quickly sift through my kitchen cupboard and take out egg and candy moulds. The bunny mould stares at your face. Legend has it that imaginary rabbits bring Easter gifts to children. I eagerly take out the ingredients- chocolate, sugar, flour, essences and all and fill the Easter egg moulds. These are symbols of Christ’s Resurrection. The outer layer of the Easter egg representing the empty tomb and the filling in the egg depicting his emergence to new life.

Candies done I move on to pull out my pink curtains and cushions to decorate the house. This year I will have to make do without the beautiful white Easter Lilies- a traditional Easter-time treat. An artificially assortment of flowers are the quickest substitute. The Easter egg hunt, a game which our family plays every Easter has also been forced to be called off due to the pandemic. The excitement of looking for eggs filled with chocolates and candies is going to be sorely missed.

As I immerse myself in preparations for the big day, I hear my child quietly hum, “here comes Peter Cottontail”, the Easter Anthem. My heart feels a sense of hope and joy knowing Easters’ on its way.